Sunday, June 8, 2014

Final Post

Well, this is it.  This past Saturday, was the tedx conference, and I heard it went really well, but I was very sick and unable to attend. I did watch a lot of the livestream though, and everyone who I saw did really well!!
So, now I have some questions to answer:

1) Overall, what is your opinion of 20 Time based on YOUR experience in class?

I enjoyed 20 Time a lot. I didn't accomplish all that much with my project, but it did give me time and freedom to look into something that I was interested in and probably wouldn't have looked into without this opportunity. So that's pretty cool.

2) What are some aspects of 20 Time that you think should be adjusted for students next year?

I think that having examples of what students did in the past will help a lot. They should definitely see these at the very beginning.  I know it wasn't really possible, but I think that having examples this year would've made the whole thing a lot easier.  It also might've shown what kind of projects work and which ones don't.  Also, having it every Friday was convenient, but with the weekend coming it's sometimes hard to focus without direction on Fridays.  I don't know if doing it on a different day of the week would make it more productive or not, but it might be something worth thinking about.

3) What are some aspects of 20 Time that should NOT be changed for students next year?

The blogging once every 2 weeks shouldn't be changed. It's a good amount of time that should have something fairly exciting happening within it, and it keeps the posts from being too boring. Also, as scary as they were, the talks were a good way to end the year. It was fun listening to everyone talk about their projects.

4) Is 20 Time something that more students should do in school? Please explain why or why not.

I think that 20 Time is definitely something that more students should get the opportunity to do.  It allowed us to learn about something that actually interests us, instead of the normal curriculum.  It also allowed us to learn about it in our own way, which is important.  20 Time doesn't just let you learn something new, it helps you figure out the method through which you learn the most.  It helps you figure out what works for you, topic wise and learning wise, which is an important skill for students to have but is also one that isn't emphasized in most schools.

5) What advice would you give to students who are doing 20 Time next year?

Make sure you pick something that you think will still interest you after a few months.  Interests are constantly changing, so it's important to pick a project that involves something you really care about. Also, challenge yourself.  A challenge will keep it interesting and you'll learn more than if you were to just pick something easy and boring.  Keep in mind that you will need to learn something in order to give a good talk at the end of the year.

Well I guess that's it!  It has certainly been an interesting journey: from one mosaic, to another mosaic, to religions... For the last time, bye!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Religion Post 23

Well, we're getting pretty close to the end. I'm pretty sure this will be my second to last blog post. This week I looked into Buddhism and Mayanism a little bit, but most of my time lately has been spent on my talk.  It's been a little rough, seeing as I can't seem to get it over 4 or 5 minutes, and I don't have many days left to prepare.  I know I failed this project of finding a religion, but I don't want to fail this talk too... I need to come up with more to talk about fast. I'm scheduled to present on Friday, but we're getting through talks really fast, so I might end up going on Thursday. Also, the rest of this week is going to be super busy with other stuff, so I'm going to have to come up with material during tutorial and practice when I get time at home. Not that anyone reading this really cares... I'm also worried about the fact that my talk so far isn't very funny. From the talks I've seen so far, the best ones have had some humor. Maybe I can add on a few minutes with funny things? But I'm also not the funniest person in the world, so I'm not sure that will work.  I'm a fan of puns and bad jokes, and most people don't find them as funny as I do... Oh well. I'll figure it out. Well, if anyone is still reading this, sorry for making you sit through my venting!  Next time I update I'm sure I'll have lots to say about how my talk went. Hopefully it won't be all bad!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Religion Post 23

Hi! So these past two weeks I've looked into Sikhism and Bahai Faith. Sikhism is actually the 5th largest religion in the world, and before this project I'd never even heard of it, so that's kinda crazy.  Both religions were, again, interesting to read about, but neither fit my beliefs.  To be honest, I probably won't find a religion that fits my beliefs before the end of the school year. People spend their entire lives studying religion, and there's too much information to cover in just a few months. Also I've been out of town the past few weekends for sailing so I haven't been able to go anywhere for this project. And based on how busy these next few weeks are going to be, I'm not totally sure I'm going to be able to go anywhere before the school year ends. However I'm definitely going to try to go somewhere over the summer.

My talk is coming along fine, but I'm definitely not as far as I should be. I'm going to keep working on it and see how it goes.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Religion Post 22

These past two weeks I've been researching Judaism.  I only looked into one religion because there are 4 sects of Judaism and I wanted to spend time learning about all of them.  The sects are Conservative, Hasidic, Orthodox, and Reform. Orthodox is the most traditional, while Reform is the most liberal. All were very interesting to learn about, but are, again, not for me. I was also out of town both weekends so I wasn't able to find a Synagogue to visit.
I was out of town during Easter, so I was planning on going to a different church to see how their Easter service differs from the one I normally go to.  Then I got the stomach flu, so that plan was obviously ruined... It turns out that I'm a lot busier than I expected to be when I started this project.  I also know that I'm going to be out of town the next four weekends for sailing and other stuff, so those also won't be available to go to religious services.  Hopefully after this month my life will get a little less busy!!
As for my presentation, I came up with ideas for some slides, but I'm still not completely sure about what exactly I'll be talking about, so that needs to happen very soon.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Religion Post 21

Hello! I can't believe it's been over 21 weeks... Well anyways, these past two weeks I've researched the two Islam belief systems- Shi'a and Sunni.  While they have a lot of similarities, they also have some significant differences.  Islam split into Shi'a and Sunni when the Prophet Muhammad died.  His followers had to decide who would succeed him and be the leader of Islam. Shi'ites said Ali, and Sunnites chose Abu Bakr. While Islam was interesting to learn about, I still don't think it's the right religion for me.
There is a Mosque near Grosse Pointe, but I didn't get a chance to go these past few weekends as I've been super busy, and I'm going to be really busy the next few weekends, too.  Hopefully eventually I'll be able to go check it out.  I did read that I would have to wear a headscarf, and I'm not sure where to get one or how to wear it, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to figure out!  I just want to make sure I wouldn't be disrespectful if I went.
Before this week, I knew I was going to talk about why kids should look into religion on their own during my end of the year talk.  Recently, I decided that I should also talk about the benefits of knowing more about other people's religions.  There is hatred all the time toward people of other religions.  But if we took a little more time to figure out why they do what they do and uncover what makes it so mysterious, it wouldn't seem as strange.  People might be more accepting of each other.
So today I challenge you to go find out about a religion that seems weird to you!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Religion Post 20

Hi!! These past two weeks I learned about Mormonism and Christianity. There wasn't a ton to learn for Christianity because I was raised Christian Catholic, but I decided to look into it anyways to see if there was anything I didn't know.
Well, I'll start with Mormonism. It's not for me, but it was pretty interesting. It was founded in New York, but now the headquarters is in Utah, and there are 12.2 million adherents.  I found a Mormon temple in Bloomfield Hills, but it's not open to the public. Most temples are open to the public for tours for about a week after it is built or renovated. This temple was built in 1998, so I guess I'm a little late.
For Christianity, there are a ton of different denominations.  They all have a lot of the same basic beliefs, with slight differences.  Again, none of them totally fit my beliefs.
I've been thinking a little more about my end of the year talk, and I still don't know how to expand on what I want to talk about.  I also don't think I'm going to reach my goal of visiting the places of worship of seven different religions.  Lots of them aren't local or I can't go to because I'm not a practicing member of the religion.  Hopefully I'll be able to attend one soon, though!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Religion Post 19

Hello!  This week I researched Jehovah's Witnesses, and I was all set to write all about it, when I realized that anyone reading this probably doesn't want to read me list facts about random religions all the time, when you could easily just look them up on your own.  So I'll just leave it at this- Jehovah's Witness is not for me.
Also, from now on, I'll be posting every other week, so I'll have researched two religions next time I post.
So, I haven't been able to attend any sort of religious service yet.  This is because I want to research the religion before I attend a service, and I'm kind of going in order of the sheet I posted a picture of a few weeks ago.  And so far, none of the religions I have researched have accessible places of worship.  So hopefully I'll find one soon!
I'm still pretty nervous about this speech.  Eight minutes is a super long time to have to talk, and while I have a general idea of what I want to talk about, I'm not so sure I'll be able to talk about it for eight full minutes.  I want to talk about why it's important to research different religions and choose one that fits your beliefs rather than those of your parents, but I don't know how to expand that concept into an eight minute or more talk. Hopefully I'll be able to figure that out eventually.  But that's about all for this week!